Letter to the Editor: Electrons for dinner? 

To the Editor: 

Do we scar our Great North Woods with a huge high voltage corridor to bring electric from a source that is costing us our fishery and possibly a major cause of world climate change? 

The argument that hydro produces less CO2 than fossil fuel is lame because it has failed to recognize that dams on both sides of the North Atlantic, on just about every major river now, especially Canada and Russia, have starved the ocean of nutrients in spring when the phytoplankton blooms kick off their seasonal feast for the hungry multiplying fish. Science is pointing out that the plankton sequester more CO2 than all the trees on the planet. Diatoms in particular are a critical initial component. 

Phytoplankton blooms also tint the ocean aquamarine instead of heatabsorbing dark blue. This is obvious from satellite photos. Ocean currents that run because of temperature differences are disrupted.  

On top of that, the dams fill up with ice cold snowmelt, heat it up all summer in shallow reservoirs and release the warmer fresh water in winter that the nutrients have settled out of, now left in the bottom of the reservoirs. Recent scientific research is calling reservoir type dams a major cause of climate change and a starvation of the East Coast fisheries.  

It looks like big fish eat little fish eat phytoplankton eat nutrients. But we ate most of the nutrientsso a large part of the fishery has been turned into electrons.  What’s for dinner? 

Jim O’Connell 

Bar Harbor 

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