Letter to the editor: Electability is paramount

To the Editor: 

As we rapidly approach the “silly season” of presidential politics, I believe that Democrats need to take a deep breath. Let me start by saying that I am an “independent” voter. You know, that voter you’re always trying to reach. That said, there is no way on earth that I could be persuaded to vote for the man that currently sits in the White House. 

I believe that there is not a single Democrat running for the party nomination that would not be a better President than Donald Trump  each and every one. However, you feel about what the “right” policies the next President should pursue, you cannot escape the simple fact that unless the Democratic candidate can beat Trump it won’t matter what policies they prefer. It will not matter. Additionally, if Trump is re-elected, he will have the ability to appoint at least two new Supreme Court Justices. Think about that impact. 

So here’s my advice: take a step back and realize that electability is the most important attribute of the Democratic party’s nominee. Please do not risk losing this contest because you insist on philosophical purity. Do not arrange for another circular firing squad. 

Mike Hays 



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