Letter to the Editor: Coronavirus concerns

To the Editor:

At the time of this writing Maine is one of the only states so far that does not have any person diagnosed with the coronavirus. Is there a plan in place to protect the people of Mount Desert Island and Maine with the usual influx of tourist so that we will be safe from this contagious virus? What about the cruise ships and bus tours that will be arriving how will we know that they are not bringing in this virus? How will the people working in the tourist industries stay safe? This is a big concern and the time is not that far away when we need to face the reality that all the families on this island and surrounding areas are going to be at risk for contacting people with this disease. This is a frightening thought as there is a large population in the area of retired people of the age that is worse hit when getting this virus. What are the solutions to protect all of us?

Janice Janes



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