Viewpoint: Choose a woman president

To the Editor:

One of the dumbest quotes ever: “Behind every successful man, there is a woman.” In the current age I would change the quote to: “Behind every successful man, there is a woman who could be more successful if only the man would get out of the way.” To wit:

Forty-four different American Presidents — all men.

Currently, 25 percent of the 100 American Senators — women

Currently, less than 25 percent of the House — women

Currently, the vast majority of federal judges — men

Currently, the state discrepancies reflect the national bias.

All this in a country of 320 million people, 50-53 percent female. Of course, this is the same country that took 133 years after the ratification of the Constitution to allow women to vote. The same country that pays women less for equal work, and the country that has males dominating the C-Suite positions (CEO, CFO, COO) in large companies.

And what have women done about all this blatant discrimination? They point to the improvements in women’s lives thanks to the Woman’s Movement that started in 1848, an evolution that took over seven decades to get women the right to vote. They note the five waves of feminism that have made some gains in leveling the field (if being able to go topless on the streets of New York City, as can men, is to be considered a gain). Sarcasm aside, I know there have been substantial strides in the rights of women because of the hard work by many smart and brave females. But, until women have an equal power vis-a-vis the government, we will not really live in an equitable society. Complete political equality by gender (only dealing with the traditional male and female genders for now) should be the red line. Fifty male Senators; 50 female Senators. Total unequivocal responsibility for the governing of America should be the floor as well as the ceiling for women. A House of Representatives equally split between men and women. Nothing less. If the President is male in 2020, the next President must be female. And for any who may see this as contrived and manufactured, you are only seeing a reflection of what has been the case since 1787. Of course, it’s contrived; that is the only way women will get a fair and equal chance — until we evolve to a higher level than the one we now inhabit.

Neuroscience itself gives us some indication as to what government would look like with women walking beside men, not behind them. In a country, and by extension world, as divided as ours, the oxytocin produced by women’s brains (men also produce this “bonding chemical” but in a different evolutionary neural processing method), is in dire need. To generalize, but who could seriously dispute the generalization, women hold together our families; why not allow them the chance to hold together our country. Our political system, for over 230 years has used testosterone as its propulsion fuel. That would be the same testosterone found in Presidents Washington through Trump; the same hormone that has bathed the 1307 total Senators America has elected (57 of that total, or 4 percent, have been women). And, the 10,363 total American House members, the vast majority testosterone XY males — I don’t even want to know how few have been women.

The start: choose a woman president, and use the election of a female President as the spring board for reasonable, long over-due changes to a dysfunctional  American government — Republican and Democrat — that survives on a  favorability rating comparable to that of a skunk at a wedding reception.

Terry Stanley