Letter to the Editor: Chaos cannot contain the spread 

 To the Editor: 

President Obama told President-Elect Trump that pandemic preparedness was a national security priority and left him a full quiver of expertise, including a system for nonpharmaceutical emergency response. President Trump threw it all away. 

As the virus emerged, President Trump cried hoax, plot, a threat to his presidency which only needed a public relations remedy. As Trump spun lies, the virus spread, and we lost the time to contain it. 

Part of America’s belated response has been containing Trump’s chaos. To stay at the table, experts must stroke Trump’s ego in public, and in private, hammer home the facts in small words, like death, and in large numbers. Trump’s put his name on the humanitarian disaster and economic crisis. 

Now Sen. Susan Collins has added hers to the Republican and Fox chorus of praise. And roll of shame. 

Annlinn Kruger 

Bar Harbor 

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