Letter to the Editor: Be open minded about the need to travel

To the Editor: 

I don’t disagree with the letter last week from Gail Marshall. But I’d like to point out that there are many legitimate reasons for people from other states who are part of this community to be here now. Such as people who were already here as they spend much of the year on the island and have no other place to live right now, people who have family – children, grandchildren, elderly parents here and have come to help them, people living elsewhere who have been laid off or sent away from school who have no alternative than to stay with family or friends here at home, students from COA who are staying in the community they live in to help others here, or those who moved here in the last few months and have not yet re-registered their vehicles. It is unlikely that there will be any large influx as most people will want to stay near their families, friends and their own doctors. Anyone arriving should quarantine, including islanders coming back from other places. Please give people the benefit of the doubt that they are here to help not hide. If we turn on each other it will hurt everyone. 

Ann Stuart 


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