Letter to the Editor: Animal abuser registry needed

To the Editor:

In response to recent articles about the brutal abuse and killing of a family dog named “Franky” in Winter Harbor, there has to be tougher penalties for these offenders, and many years in prison living with their despicable acts. How we treat animals defines our own humanity. Pets rely on us to keep them safe, fed, sheltered, loved, respected, and to make them a true part of our family. I don’t want to live in a society that devalues their life because they are not human.

We need to know where these animal abusers are within our state so they cannot adopt animals, purchase animals, work with or have any contact with animals. Think of what other crimes against society these abusers are capable of if they can hurt or kill an innocent animal. We need to ask our legislators to reintroduce a bill to establish an animal abuser registry in the state of Maine.

This would require animal abusers who are convicted of cruelty to animals to register with the county sheriff for the county in which the animal abuser is located.

Our pets need us to step up and be a civil society where the expectations for animals are to protect, love, and respect them as we do our other family members.

I’m urging all the animal lovers out there to write to your local representatives about reintroducing this bill.


Kimberly Bennett,


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