Letter to the Editor: An open letter to Susan Collins

To the Editor:

Senator Collins, your own statement clarifying your position on the impeachment proceedings only makes clear that you are approaching the impeachment trial of Trump in the Senate as politics as usual, assuming the normal functioning of our constitutional democracy. I urge to read Timothy Egan’s essay in The New York Times, “Trump’s Evil is Contagious.” Evil will triumph if good people do nothing. Unlike Trump — and unfortunately many of his sycophant supporters in the Senate — I do believe you have a conscience to betray and to lose. Take a stand for true justice. Take a stand for true democracy. Take a stand for Good over Evil. Yes, it has become that simple — not simplistic. Let go of your delusion that many of your Senate colleagues will allow the processes of justice to function. Speak out for Truth over Lies, for Justice over Corruption, for Good over Evil. Or, risk not only your legacy, but your humanity.

Ann Diamond

Bar Harbor

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