Letter to the Editor: Alternative points of view 

To the Editor: 

In the Commentary pages of the June 4 Islander, I found a few letters and articles for which I would like to offer an alternative point of view. 

The George Floyd issue appears to be threefold with his martyrdom, police brutality and race. Let me first begin with police brutality. I suggest George Floyd did not have to die. Officer Derek Chauvin had 18 counts of misconduct against him. Most of these were for aggressive behavior. The questions arise, Why was he still on the streets as an active duty policeman to kill this man? Why was he not fired or at the least given a desk job? Where is the responsibility of oversight and accountability of his superiors or the police union? It also must be mentioned that 99 percent of policemen and women on duty are there to serve and do provide excellent care for those in their municipalities. 

Secondly, may I suggest there might have been a better face for the movement. Floyd had been arrested and jailed numerous times. His autopsy report indicates that Floyd had fentanyl and methamphetamine in his system at the time of his death.  

Lastly, one article, “Pentecost for anti-racists,” really disturbed me. I take umbrage with Joseph F. Cistone’s assertion that racism is a white invention and that white people have to acknowledge their ancestral bias. I will allow a few black people to speak to this point. 

When he was asked how to stop racism, Morgan Freeman said, “Stop calling me a black man and I will stop calling you a white man.”  

Dr. Ben Carson’s tells of his poor beginnings, poverty, not being a good student and a mother who kept telling him he could choose to do anything.  He contends all have that choice no matter their circumstances. 

I encourage you to look up Brandon Tatum, former Tucson police officerto hear his whole speech. He said, “And here’s the kickerEven if it were trueall those claims about white privilege, so what? Would it change a single thing I did? If white people apologize for being white, is that supposed to help me? In what way? So, let’s be realWhite privilege is an attempt by the left to divide Americans by race. It’s all theory and all nonsense. If you want to fall for it, go aheadit’s a free country. But don’t try to sell it to me. I’m an American who deals with my fellow Americans one on one. Try it. It works. I’m Brandon Tatum. 

I end with applauding a 17 year old for organizing a peaceful protest. At that age I was working for the Civil Rights in 1964.


Kathleen T. Thurnau 

Bass Harbor 


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