Letter to the Editor: All sides should be recognized

To the Editor:

I read Katrina Linscott’s Viewpoint piece in the Jan. 23 edition. I respect her willingness to provide some support for keeping 12-14-year-old teens “down on the farm” as long as possible.

I taught in Bar Harbor for 25 years, and often worked in Augusta for the Maine Department of Education on various writing, reading and technology programs. Since the issue of an island-wide middle school was being kicked around in the last century, I always asked teachers from all over the state what they thought of their school grade format. Most of their schools had been consolidated, usually for financial reasons. Statewide, teachers told me, to keep the children in K-8 schools if at all possible.

I was disappointed when I read the school board member in charge of the discussions said there is no downside to moving to an island-wide middle school.

By way of transparency, I still pay taxes in Mount Desert, and grumble about the school bill rising as the population declines, so I know, or think, there could be a savings.

But it may be just like when the island built an island-wide high school. There was a savings (meaning teachers lose jobs … but administration seems to grow.)

There is a downside to all change … even if change is inevitable. Please allow all stakeholders to participate in an open discussion and recognize that both sides have valid arguments. And try to keep it civil.

Thank you, Mrs. Linscott, for your point of view.

Linda Reynolds

Salado, Texas


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