Letter to the Editor: Activities put others at risk 

To the Editor: 

I take issue with the Chamber’s FAQ answer as to what you can do while quarantining. I have a concern that the safety and health of our community is being put at risk by suggesting that canoeing, kayaking, swimming and taking a scenic drive are acceptable activities while quarantining in Maine.  

During the time of a pandemic, where absent a negative test, unless quarantined for 14 days in Maine, it is assumed you are able to spread the virus. You cannot be absolutely sure that a visitor does not have COVID-19.  

You may be putting our emergency services at undue and needless threat of exposure, if not overreaching the Governors guidelines found here: www.maine.gov/covid19/restartingmaine/keepmainehealthy/faqs, especially number nine. 

Participating in inherently risky behaviors such as kayaking, canoeing and swimming, or a scenic drive, puts those responsible for a rescue (Coast Guard, EMT, fire departments, first responders, etc.) at risk of exposure. Earlier this season, personally faced my responsibility to the first responders when considering whether to participate in such inherently risky activities. 

To suggest to a quarantining visitor that the above described behavior is perfectly acceptable and endorsed by the Chamber is very short sighted and, in my opinion, wrong. The health and safety of our community should not be held hostage by the economic health of the few that could benefit from expanding acceptable quarantine activities beyond what can be safely participated in. 

Terry Pierson 

Bar Harbor 


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