Letter to the Editor: Above and beyond 

To the Editor: 

We are writing the Islander this week to honor the contributions of a co-worker who has gone above and beyond for the Island community during these tough times. Jared Erskin is the childcare director at our community YMCA and has demonstrated flexibility, understanding and compassion throughout the current crisis. He has handled himself professionally and maintained a positive attitude even with the uncertainty the virus brings. We believe it is worth noting that Jared facilitated an extended summer camp that served a dire childcare need and did so in a way that was extremely safe with no virus transmission. He is currently working with MDIRSS on back to school care and classwork assistance. His routine was dismantled but his attitude is positive and his flexibility is on full display.  

Great work Jared. We are proud of our co-worker and friend!  

MDI YMCA Staff  

Bar Harbor 

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