Letter to the Editor: A tribute to Sawyer’s Market

To the Editor:

Sawyer’s is closing, “Did you hear?” The stunning and sad news passed from person to person. As the news sunk in, we imagined what the consequences would be for the town and for each of us. We began to articulate what Sawyer’s meant us.

For 46 years. I’ve gone in and out of Sawyer’s Market. To quote Walt Whitman, “they were so much sunlight to the square inch”! Sawyer’s Market served our community in many ways. At Sawyer’s, everyone was treated with kindness, respect, compassion, and attention. The quality of their service was unmatched. The staff was always helpful, and met every request with good humor. Their unfailing kindness is an example to all of us!

Dropping by several times a week, I could always expect to run into someone I knew. If our busy schedules allowed, we’d start exchanging the news of the day. Making connections at Sawyer’s was the norm. The friendly and unhurried atmosphere made conversations easy. No matter what I was feeling when I went into Sawyer’s Market, I always felt better when I left. So much laughter!

Sawyer’s Market strengthened our community. Over all the decades, they donated so much to our local causes. And I’m sure I “don’t know the half of it!” I do know I was one of the many who asked Sawyer’s to help out. Need condiments for the playground picnic? Paper products for Story Camp? Wine for the fundraiser? A sponsor for youth sports? A sponsor for the yearbook? Items for the raffle? Sawyer’s would help you out. Posters for the latest concert or fundraiser were prominently displayed at the counter.

And Sawyer’s Market was open year-round. What a gift to the town and to the staff who worked there! No doubt taking a financial hit by staying open all year, Sawyer’s Market was an anchor in the center of town. Having lights on at Sawyer’s made a visible statement that Southwest Harbor was a viable year-round community.

Thank you, Brian Worcester and your splendid staff for sharing your gifts with all of us. We will miss you all.

Susan Covino Buell

Southwest Harbor


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