Letter to the Editor: A servant leader 

To the Editor: 

Is the servant leader a lost concept for us today? I believe this is something often missing but sorely needed in our elected officials. What does it take to be a servant leader? It takes a genuine desire to care for people; it takes character, commitment, self-sacrifice and perseverance. These are qualities that take years to develop and qualities I find in Louie Luchini, who is up for re-election to the Maine Senate.  

As a champion long-distance runner, Louie cultivated selfdiscipline and perseverance years before entering the Maine legislature. After his professional running career came to a close, he chose to come back home and continues to serve aspiring runners as a high school cross-country coach. He is accountable to students, parents and school officials and this kind of caring and commitment transfers to the constituents he serves as Maine state senator.  

Being accountable means keeping the lines of communication open. As Senate Chairman of the Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee, Louie championed legislation to bring better access to health care, housing and jobs, all the while relieving our tax burden. He is fighting for access to high-speed internet for everyone across the whole state and working to encourage renewable energy and create jobs and training in that sector. Taking a visionary stance, Louis is encouraging investment in businesses that will attract and keep younger generation workers in our state.  

I know that I’m supporting Louie Luchini because of his deep commitment to public service and accessibility. I hope you will join me in voting to re-elect Louie Luchini to the State Senate on Nov. 3. 

 Jeri Spurling 



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