Letter to the Editor: “A refreshingly peaceful village”

To the Editor:

The history of Hall Quarry is documented in “Mount Desert — An Informal History,” edited by Gunnar Hansen. Patricia A. Wedin, a contributing author, describes the evolution of the village as a thriving small community with its own post office, schoolhouse, a Methodist chapel and three general stores to the eventual decline of the quarries and the disappearance of these village buildings. The author suggests that although there are some who would like to see the return to its bustling activity, “Hall Quarry’s lovely and rather isolated location is now certainly one of its best resources. Set off from the swarm of tourist activity in Southwest Harbor, Somesville and Northeast Harbor, it is a refreshingly peaceful village.” (Gunnar Hansen, editor: Mount Desert — An Informal History, published by the Town of Mount Desert in celebration of the bicentennial of the Town, 1989, p.145). We agree with the author’s description of our village in Mount Desert — “a refreshingly peaceful village.” Thirty-one years have passed since this document was published. We are now confronted with an applicant attempting to acquire a license for an industrial quarry in a residential neighborhood which would disrupt the lives of the residents of Hall Quarry and its surrounding neighbors including Acadia National Park. All are urged to come to the Mount Desert Planning Board meeting on March 12 at 6 p.m. in support of those who just want to live their lives in peace and quiet. Let us continue to recognize Hall Quarry as a “refreshingly peaceful village” for the next 200 years!

W. Keith Bowie

Pamela B. Bowie

Mount Desert

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