Letter to the editor: A pattern of discrimination

To the Editor:

In defending Donald Trump from accusations of racial discrimination, Richard Montalbano wrote (“Look for the Good,” Jan. 16) “in a building he owned, once he was made aware of it, he fired the building manager and made it right.” No big deal. Right? Not quite.

For the record, when the Department of Justice accused the Trumps of civil rights violations they relied on a decade (1963-73) of evidence including: records from the Justice Department and NYC Commission on Human Rights; court documents; and interviews with tenants, civil rights activists, and prosecutors. For instance, a pattern of racial discrimination at Trump Village resulted in only seven rentals to African American families, out of 3,700 apartments.

Eventually the Trumps signed a consent decree, in which they agreed to several pages of stipulations to bring them into compliance with 1968 civil rights legislation. The stipulations tally with documented violations by the Trumps. In 1978, when new evidence documented Trump violations of the stipulations, the government again accused the Trumps of discrimination. The Trumps only stopped when the housing market and demographic changes made their bigoted business model unsustainable.

The records are out there. That’s good.

Annlinn Kruger

Bar Harbor

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