Letter to the Editor: A needed check

To the Editor:

Some of my Republican neighbors say you are all in with Donald Trump, but I know there are many who are dismayed, appalled, or even frightened by what is going on in Washington. This is not the time to sit back and worry while Congress does nothing to challenge the president. It’s time to vote for a check on this administration.

You may not agree with all of Jared Golden’s policy positions — universal healthcare, protecting our environment, fairer taxes and wages, for example — but he is a decent, honest, young, energetic Marine veteran who has devoted his life to public service and wants to fight for all Mainers. A vote for Jared is a vote to flip Congress and create a desperately needed check on the Trump administration.

Saving our democracy is more important than party loyalty or any single policy issue.


Ann Caswell

Seal Cove

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