Letter to the Editor: A chance to change 

To the Editor: 

And to the mothers of MDI football players: 

On Sunday, June 7, I attended the Black Lives Matter protest and march at the Village Green. I listened to all the speakers. We have so many young people in our community who we should all be proud of. I have not cried in public for many years. But on this day, my mask was soaked and others heard me sobbing during Charlie’s [Parker] speech. If you did not hear his speech or cannot find a recording of it online, I do have a copy that I can share with you. 
During the 2019 football season, the use of the “N” word was used frequently on the field and in the locker room to the point that Charlie is not planning to participate in the MDIHS football program in the fall. Talk to your sons as they likely used the word or heard it being used and said nothing. Ladies, these are your SONS! I would like to suggest that you grab your son by his ear and sit his ass down. Talk to them, ask what they heard or what they said. Have your child reach out to the school and have them take responsibility. Have them ask for help in making a change. Ask for a mandatory program on racism to be held prior to the start of the football season. Imagine if Charlie was your son; you would fight for him. I ask that you fight with your sons and for their futures.
Charlie, please know that I am fighting hard for change. On Sunday, I sent an email with your speech to Dr. Gousse, Mr. Haney and Mr. Braun. I asked for action and I asked how I could help. You are a son of my heart. I want changeI want you to receive many apologies and assurances that this will not happen again. I want you to know that there will be consequences if this continues. 
Charlie, give our community a chance to change. I would be honored to be a spectator at your next home game. 

Jacqueline “Momma Bolt 

Bar Harbor



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