Letter to Editor: Workshop brings benefits

To the Editor:

I would like to thank The Counseling Collaborative, The Lisa Stewart Women’s Health Center, and the YWCA MDI for sponsoring the incredibly valuable and well-attended informative workshop last Thursday, Raising Sexually Healthy Children with Jennifer Wiessner.

Special heartfelt thanks to Milja Brecher-DeMuro, Dawn Nuding and Tara McKernan for recognizing the value of this event and organizing it for our community.

The positive benefits for the attendees and their children and students are profound and immeasurable. These benefits will ripple out across our whole community in extraordinary ways for years to come, arming parents with knowledge and confidence in their ability to have important conversations with their children about their sexual health and holistic wellbeing, and simultaneously giving our children the same knowledge and personal empowerment to make healthy, respectful choices for their whole lives.

I cannot think of a more generous gift to our kids and our whole community. I cannot thank the sponsors, organizers, Jennifer and my fellow attendees enough.

Kendra Rand

Bar Harbor

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