Letter to Editor: Winter kindness

To the Editor:

There are so many reasons I love living in Maine — the granite outcrops, the spruce-lined hiking trails, wild creatures that wander across my yard from time to time, the ocean breezes and cool temps. Today I am reminded of the best reason: its people.

After the recent snow when my road and driveway got less-than-stellar plowing, rains and freezing temps transformed it into a thick sheet of ice. My walkway was a treacherous challenge.

Last week I tried to get sand from the Trenton recycling center, but was told I couldn’t have any. And the open mountain of sand beside the covered garage was frozen solid, so there was no stealing it. So I did the only thing I knew to do: this afternoon I took a broom, a large bucket, and a dust pan out into the road near my driveway and began sweeping up the dried and leftover sand from the plow trucks.

I had gathered about two inches of the precious stuff when a green pickup truck screeched to a halt.

The man rolled down his window and said, “Well, that’s one way to do it.” I smiled and said, “You got a better idea?” He said, “Yeah,” and helped me unload four large jugs of sand from the back of his pickup truck. Ten minutes later, my walkway and driveway were walkable.

I have lived in many places — Boston, New York, Atlanta, South Carolina, Alabama, and California. I can tell you that events like this are not common in other places. This state is filled with kindhearted people who enjoy helping others. We are fortunate, those of us who live in Maine.

Claire Daniel


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