Letter to Editor: Where the waste goes

To the Editor:

I inherited a 55 gallon metal drum of antique antifreeze concentrate and didn’t really want it, so I called a professional and asked what to do with it?

I was hoping someone could use it, but was informed that it was junk, and that the best way to get rid of it was to put it in smaller buckets and throw it in the dumpster.

I repeated that it was 55 gallons. I got the same advice, you know, with a wink and a nod.

That made me sick to my stomach. I could just envision the scene of the cans being crushed and the goo spilling out all the way to Southwest Harbor, making everyone sick along the way.

So I called the town and asked what to do. Lucky that weekend was the hazardous waste drop off day, just my luck!

We arrived a half hour early with a van full of toxic stuff, the line at Mount Desert Island High School went all the way from the football field to the Eagle Lake Road. It took us two hours in line to drop off our load.

Quite a few trucks and cars left the line in those two hours, hopefully not to go and throw their toxins in the dumpster in frustration.

There were many wonderful volunteers helping, trying to get things going but the line was so long!

I’m thinking as a state we could do much, much better. The state is quick to take our sales taxes when we buy this stuff, also the extra fee when we buy paint for disposal. We need a facility that is open more than one day a year.

We need to do better. For our children, please.

Gail Cleveland


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