Letter to Editor: Vaccine questions

To the Editor:

It seems that the argument in favor of compulsory vaccination rests on two assumptions:

1. Vaccines are 100 percent safe.

2. Vaccines are 100 percent effective.

If both are true there’s really no need for compulsory vaccination because the vaccinated group is in no danger of infection from the non-vaccinated group. If either or both assumptions are untrue the decision for mandatory compulsory vaccination is playing Russian roulette with people’s lives, wellbeing and right to govern their own bodies. It’s the responsibility of each of us to look for truth in this controversy.

Mr. Rosso’s letter in the April 11 edition of the Islander gives us much food for thought and incentive for further investigation. Attorney Alan G. Phillips’ article “Dispelling Vaccination Myths” is a good place to start. It’s free and easily accessed online.

Ann Anda

Bar Harbor

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