Letter to Editor: Troubled by callousness

To the Editor:

What I saw on the CBS Evening News on Thursday, Aug. 29 shocked and disgusted me. It is I’m afraid another example of how our society has declined.

A woman was left alone in a jail cell for five hours as she gave birth to her child. That woman needlessly suffered for hours. She was denied medical attention. Her life and the life of her baby were put at risk. I do not know why she was in jail but that does not matter.

I cannot fathom how the sheriff’s deputies could stand by and watch this take place. The actions of the Denver County Sheriff’s Office constitute reckless endangerment at the very least.

I thought the same thing when I viewed a video of a Border Patrol agent pour out bottled water in the Arizona desert so migrants would not have access to it. Instead, our government is prosecuting the man who was trying to save their lives. Add to that the travesty of immigrant detention at the border and you have to ask, what have we become?

I’m at a loss of what I can do. I’ve written to the sheriff and mayor of Denver concerning this woman. I’ve contacted Jared, Susan and Angus on issues concerning our state and country. They can write new laws and regulations but how do we mend a calloused heart? Peace.

Tom Walker

Mount Desert

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