Letter to Editor: Transit and the planet

To the Editor:

On my return trip home to MDI with my grandchildren after an unsuccessful, brief moose photo “hunting” expedition in June, we stopped to buy the June 20 edition of the Lincoln and Katahdin Region News.

I read with great interest reporter Brian Brown’s story concerning Gary Allen and Tricia Cyr, “Grassroots effort strives to bring commercial air service to Katahdin region.”

Rather than commercial air between the MDI and Katahdin regions I urge high speed rail. I suspect my suggestion will wind up in your circular files, or the one labeled “impossible,” but do note I immediately thought of this along with the late Robert Kennedy’s words: “Some men see things as they are and ask why. I dream of things that never were and ask why not.”

I look forward to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez becoming president in 2024 and implementing her Green New Deal.

After owning my McKinley stinker of a home in Kennebunk for 30 years, I sold it three years ago and now live closer to family on MDI. I am entering my ninth season as an MDI summer work camper and looking forward to my fourth winter as an MDI winter renter.

I feel fortunate I’ve been able to manage and solve my homeless condition, but I am keenly aware of the housing crisis too many here face and are forced to endure. It affects an enormous number of decent, hard-working people on MDI and in Ellsworth. They undergo insane hardships created by lousy, inadequate or nonexistent renting situations.

I rode once with my grandkids on the small stretch of railroad between Ellsworth and Ellsworth Falls. We passed osprey nests and bought silly engineer hats. The little ride reminded me of my loving father.

Although not high-speed, don’t rails exist between the two regions? How about restoring and upgrading them to provide a better, more eco-friendly solution to what has indeed become a permanent, ongoing issue?

I am confident that as responsible journalists and creative writers and thinkers, you understand how we borrow this planet from my grandchildren. They deeply admire their peer Greta Thunberg. She has definitely set to work reducing harm to their environment, the one we borrow from them, by not flying. She has personally ended all frivolous flying in her life because of how it pollutes their world enormously.

Thank you for publishing this ancient, old-school grandmother’s deep concern for her children along with the children of the future.

Beth E. Warner

Salisbury Cove

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