Letter to Editor: Thanks to responders

To the Editor:

On Saturday, Dec.7, our daughter returned home from a few hours of work to find flames in the ceiling of the garage area of her home in Salisbury Cove.

It began a chain reaction of panic as she ran from on door to another in a desperate search to find her beloved pets, all while dialing 911 on her cell phone, which had a dying battery.

She opened the downstairs entry door and, to her surprise and relief, the dog and cat rushed out into her arms.

Then was the beginning of the realization that the home that she and her partner had felt so comfortable in for nearly two years and all the personal possessions which they created, collected and enjoyed in their nearly ten years together, was lost, despite the heroic efforts of the Bar Harbor Fire Department and several other fire departments on and off MDI.

This letter is to thank all those first responders for the dangers they face and the risks they take with each emergency that occurs in our communities as well as the generous support of neighbors and friends and people who don’t even know the families who are affected by these tragedies.

We have been fortunate not to have suffered from some of the unbearable losses which are all too common in life for many people. It really hits you when it does happen to you or those who are closest to you. Our family extends a heartfelt thanks for all the love and support which continues to come our way and which we will reciprocate in the future if and when the need arises.

Debbie and Marty Lamson

Salisbury Cove

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