Letter to Editor: Support in a scary time

To the Editor:

On April 21, 2019, the Mount Desert Island High School Guatemala Studies program was headed home from our two week mission trip. We were all extremely excited to see the families and friends awaiting our arrival.

On the connecting flight from Florida to Boston, I was writing a small reflection on the plane when I looked up and felt like something was off.

Once realizing I was experiencing facial paralysis, I began to pass out. I woke up to Angie DelVeccio by my side.

The plane’s captain decided to have an emergency landing. I sat up, terrified of what had just happened, and asked Angie what I should do. “I’m coming with you,” she said, and from that moment stayed by my side throughout the emergency room, neurological exams, and calls to my mother.

Our group was very fortunate to have Angie throughout our journey in Guatemala as a nurse practitioner and a friendly face. Her positive energy remained consistent and always supported each one of us through sickness and hard days.

When leaving the emergency room at 3 a.m., we went immediately to the airport to find a way home, and came to find out that meant three flights and a mini road trip from Boston. Without hesitation, Angie supported me throughout our long trip home.

I have never met such a strong, compassionate woman. My family is thankful for her perseverance and strength throughout the process of returning home, and I will be forever grateful for her support and our time spent together. Thank you for everything, Angie!

Isabella Wellman-Webster

Bar Harbor

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