Letter to Editor: Signatures delivered

To the Editor:

On Sept. 18, a press conference was held in Augusta on the occasion of the delivery of 93,000 signatures to the Secretary of State’s office. 93,000 signatures collected in just 12 weeks, 78,000 of them already validated by over 500 town clerks.

What was the purpose of the signature collection?

To put on next March’s primary election ballot a People’s Veto of LD798 — the vaccine-mandate law passed in May by almost-party-line votes.

The law requires a child to get most (though not all) of the CDC’s vaccine schedule in order to receive public or private education from pre-K through graduate school, with only an inappropriately-narrowly-defined medical exemption.

The law was passed over the objections of an unprecedented hundreds of people who testified against it on grounds ranging from gross governmental overreach to failure to take into account the burgeoning body of scientific studies that have raised questions about vaccines’ safety, efficacy and long term effect on overall health outcomes.

800 volunteer signature gatherers talked with hundreds of thousands of Mainers all over the state, many of whom turned out to have never heard of LD798 and were upset when they learned of the scope of the law.

Laurel Libby, an Auburn mother of five (vaccinated) children, put it this way after single-handedly collecting over 4000 signatures: “Why did so many people join this fight? Because this law is not about vaccines … This law is about the government’s telling us that we can’t make our own medical decisions and it is completely unsupported by science.”

She was right on both counts.

The law, supposedly designed to protect immuno-compromised children (who can’t be vaccinated) from being infected, ignores the fact that there is not a single case on record of such a child being infected by an unvaccinated child.

Its supporters’ invoked “herd immunity,” to be provided by 95 percent vaccine coverage of all vaccines. This ignores the facts that (a) 95 percent is a magical, purely mathematical construct unsupported by real-world experience, (b) many vaccines have induced new strains of their diseases, against which they are ineffective, and (c) the most high-profile vaccines — measles and pertussis — are subject to failure both at vaccination time and with later waning.

All these factors render impossible the true herd immunity provided by the permanent immunity offered by the natural diseases.

Instead, the law demands that we be involuntarily injected with a type of drug that has never — I repeat, never — been subject to the kind of years-long, randomized, inert placebo controlled safety study that is required of all other prescription drugs, made by the most mistrusted industry in America, which has been sued repeatedly for billions of dollars for fraud and the wrongful deaths of tens of thousands of people.

93,000 citizens of our state understand this. May many more do so by next March.

Dick Atlee

Southwest Harbor

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