Letter to Editor: Shutdown heroes

To the Editor:

The families of the local United States Coast Guard would like to, once again, express our gratitude to the Mount Desert Island communities for their continued support during the government shutdown. While this letter is tremendously overdue, it took some time to come up with all the ways to say thank you.

To those who donated goods to help create our food pantry and kept it running, we thank you! You were able to help us stock our pantries, keep a hot meal on the table, launder our clothing, and diaper our children. For your donations we are beyond thankful.

To the local restaurants, grocery stores and individuals offering discounts who permitted us to run a tab, or offered free services, you allowed us to continue to live when we felt defeated. Your support encouraged us to go out for a dinner, or treat ourselves when we felt we could not. For your accommodations, we are grateful.

To those who donated gift cards and gas cards, you helped us get to and from work when we were mandated to go. You granted us the ability to go on and serve you and protect you. You made it possible for us to uphold our motto “Semper Paratus (Always Ready).” For your commitment to us, we are indebted to you.

To those who hosted, sponsored, donated (in countless ways: money, food, gifts, etc.), played music, and showed up to support us, we are at a loss for words. The fundraiser was filled with overwhelming amounts of food, music, donations, and raffle items that showed generosity at its finest. For the night of the fundraiser, we will forever treasure your gratitude towards our community of families.

From the depths of our hearts we thank you! The shutdown was a time when we did not get the reinforcement from our government that we needed; it was astounding to feel the backing and love from the surrounding communities. Again, please excuse the tardiness of this much deserved thank you, and know that we (the USCG families) appreciate you and everything you did/do for us and our families.

Thank you!

Amanda Hoover

U.S. Coast Guard Ombudsman

Southwest Harbor

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