Letter to Editor: School solar

To the Editor:

Trenton town meeting has come and gone. At that meeting the tax payers gave the Trenton school board more money then they requested, in order to keep taxes down in the future.

For the last two school years, I have been working to reduce taxpayer dollars. My approach was through solar energy.

The first year I was told we had to get roofing bids as the roof was at the age needing replacement.

We finally got the bids this year and the school board’s reserve for maintenance had enough to cover the cost of the new roof.

I thought this would be a green light for the solar project for the school and in so doing save the tax payers a sizable sum every month in electrical costs. But alas, the board voted not to install cost saving solar panels as they worried a boiler might break down in the future.

Should the reserve not cover the solar panels and the imagined boiler repair, the town could always be called upon to approve extra funds for the school as they did at this past town meeting.

The Trenton school board has not only voted against saving money for their community but also a better environment for all. Free solar saves money for the town and helps our environment; it is that simple.

Michael Gilmartin


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