Letter to Editor: School location and open space

To the Editor:

It is with shock when I read about possible plans to build the new Conners Emerson School on our majestic ball-fields.

When you stand in front of the YMCA and look out, you see a huge green space surrounded by thick forest. On one day you may find a frisbee football game; on another, six-year-olds playing a soccer game.

The key point is that we need open, unfilled space. That space is the ball fields as they exist now. The space represents an atmosphere of peace and tranquility that many Bar Harbor people utilize and appreciate.

There are so many out of town locations a school can be built. Places that are spacious and will not impinge on the town space. It can be done.

I know that other schools have been built on their original site with the students still attending. This takes some planning by wise architects/engineers/educators like setting up temporary classrooms; it can be done.

Please do not destroy our beautiful ball fields and the open space they encompass. Be reasonable and choose another place. Thank you.

Robert Chaiken

Bar Harbor

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