Letter to Editor: Scapegoating on gun violence

Dear Editor:

Battle lines are drawn. The NRA is the target du jour of the litany of Democratic presidential candidates, vying for the boldest denouncement of the millions of armed, peaceful and law-abiding citizens in America. Six million strong, this large sector of the American public is an easy target for these “bold” politicians to threaten fearlessly; after all, they are law-abiding.

Not one of these 6 million-plus members of the NRA has ever committed a gun-related violent crime, though gun control advocates have waited with bated breath for the first offense. In lieu of a specific scapegoat, leaders with “vision,” under the haze of ambiguity, have chosen to smear the entirety of the NRA membership as killers. With every tragic massacre that stains our troubled nation, it’s a tactic of old: hang the guilt of the demented on the guiltless.

Joe Biden has sworn to destroy the NRA. As the Democrats present their “fresh, new look,” did the former vice president have a “senior moment” and forget that the NRA is made up of U.S. citizens? Members of the NRA leadership he despises so much are duly elected by those members.

Joe Biden may be better served to pinch himself rather than passing members of the opposite sex, and wake back to the reality that the Second Amendment was set in place to protect the citizens’ natural born right to self-defense against a government that seeks their harm, specifically people or groups that have fallen out of favor with said government. The Second Amendment was designed to stop Mr. Biden’s plan of destruction.

There is history. Realizing that much of our history has been largely rewritten, digging deep into history is necessary.

Andy Torbett


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