Letter to Editor: Rotary heroes

To the Editor:

July Fourth has again come and gone, and with it another successful Rotary Pancake breakfast and Seafood Festival. It is still too early to know how successful we were financially, but just to provide this service to the town and raise funds for other community non-profits, hopefully with a smile, we met our goal.

As a “seasoned” member of the Bar Harbor Rotary club, I know how much work it is, both physically and in the planning, to put on the event.

We couldn’t continue to host these events without the members of the club, both long-standing and brand new, who are able to take time away from their families on the holiday.

I am also always amazed at the number of community members who volunteer, some for the first time and some veterans. We couldn’t pull it off without their contributions as well.

I enjoy the opportunity to work the event, especially to talk to the customers, both the locals and the visitors, but I’m glad it only comes around once a year! I am exhausted at the end of the day.

There are so many people who help that I can’t name them all, but I do want to raise up two members of the club, both of whom are critical to its success.

I want to personally and publicly thank Ron Wrobel, who has led the event for the last few years, not because he wants to but out of a sense of responsibility. He has the perfect skills for the job; he is a good organizer and he keeps a level head and pleasant demeanor during the most stressful times during the day.

Also, without the dedication and hard work of Robert Rechholtz, we would not succeed.

Thank you, gentlemen, and thanks to everyone in the community who supports us.

Scott Hammond

Bar Harbor

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