Letter to Editor: Real stakeholders

To the Editor:

I urge all Bar Harbor citizens to vote yes on Article 4.

Bar Harbor is a community of wonderful people who value local control. Local control works well for us as shown by the demonstrated excellence of our local schools. This excellence is achieved by our students, parents, families and neighbors all working together with our educators and local Superintending School Committee. Every member of that committee is required to be a Bar Harbor resident.

Bar Harbor officials could require that these Superintending School Committee volunteers have Ph.D.’s in education and be certified teachers and/or administrators to provide “needed expertise.” Bar Harbor officials could then claim we would have to open up these Superintending School Committee positions to non-residents in order to fill it with this “needed expertise.” However, I think non-resident experts need only have a voice, not a vote.

Having non-residents serve on our Superintending School Committee would not serve our students and town very well at all.

I feel the same way about all Bar Harbor boards, committees and task forces.

Local people who consider Bar Harbor their permanent home are the real stakeholders in decisions that impact their everyday lives and the future of those most precious to them, their family and friends. The future of how we use our exquisite coastal lands and magnificent waterfront are critical to those of us who live here year round.

Let experts have a voice as non-voting members of our committees, boards, and task forces, but let the actual vote on decisions by these committees be made by residents only. Let us have a government of the people of Bar Harbor, by the people of Bar Harbor, and for the people of Bar Harbor. Vote Yes on Article 4 on June 11, 2019.

Donna Karlson

Bar Harbor

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