Letter to Editor: Our best selves

To the Editor:

The writer of a letter to the editor in last week’s Islander questioned the meaning of the “Hate Has No Home Here” yard signs with the message in six languages from around the world.

I grew up on an Ohio dairy farm in a family of conservatives, moderates, and a few liberals. From an early age I was taught to vote for the person, not the party. As a practical matter, my father pointed out that the more important election in our part of the state was the Republican Primary, regardless of how one ended up voting in the general election, an observation I continue to keep in mind.

Our family engaged in vigorous discussions of history, politics, and current events, and continues to do so, and yes, we are a loving family. We agree on some things, and disagree on others, but we listen to each other with respect.

“Hate has no home here” is a message for all of us, regardless of political stripe, to strive to be our best selves in these challenging times.

Patricia Lyons Samuel

Bar Harbor

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