Letter to Editor: Open to interpretation

To the Editor:

Acadia Community Theater would like to thank Mr. Ehrlich for his concerns regarding the messages presented as part of our production of the Disney musical “Freaky Friday.”

The Board of Directors acknowledges that the musical addresses many contemporary issues facing young people and adults including body image, eating practices, aging, and individuality.

We stand by the show and believe that it affirms the relationships that children and parents create as they face these issues together. As a work of art, the play is open to interpretation, the validity of which must be judged by considering the work as a whole. We thank the actors and production crew who have invested great time and energy into the show.

We encourage everyone to attend performances this weekend at the Criterion Theatre, where you can form your own opinions and carry meaningful discussion back to your family and community.

In creating this dialogue, we are doing our jobs as artists!

ACT Board of Directors:

Keri Hayes

Jacq Bolt

Matthew Hochman

Patti Savoie

Judith Cullen

Jonathan Bender

Stephanie Clement

Heather Dillon

Angel Hochman

Mia Thompson

Mark Puglisi

Sydney Roberts Rockefeller

Joanna Robinson-Clarke

Doug VanGorder

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