Letter to Editor: Numbers disputed

To the Editor:

In just 15 days, the length of the ferry terminal pier has grown like Pinocchio’s nose if we are to believe some Bar Harbor government officials. On May 7, the Town Council approved a letter to the voters urging them to vote against Article 5 and stating that the “ferry terminal pier is 500 feet long.”

At a May 22 town public forum at the Jesup library, the town manager presented a photograph of the ferry terminal with the length of the pier marked as being well over 1,000 feet.

Piers don’t double in length as elections approach. I suggested at that town public forum at the Jesup that the Town Manager had added the lengths of all the various parts of the ferry terminal pier to reach this fanciful pier length of more than 1,000 feet. The town manager didn’t deny that this was the curious formula he used.

Words have meaning and length is defined as being the longest dimension of an object, not the sum of its dimensions.

This silly argument by some town officials against Article 5 was in support of the dubious claim that an article that asks the voters to enact “An Amendment to the LUZO to Prohibit Berthing Piers for Large Cruise Ships” would somehow reach berthing piers for any type of ship. It does not. Words have meaning and voters need only look at the actual Article 5 question on the June 11 written ballot.

A bare majority of the Town Council did vote on May 22 to ask the Planning Board to craft an amendment to the LUO which would limit berthing piers for large cruise ships.

The Planning Board might decline this request from the council. Furthermore, the newly elected council could change its May 22 vote after June’s election of potentially two new councilors.

Those who think Article 5 might possibly affect non-cruise ship piers, but wish to prohibit berthing piers for large cruise ships, have a win/win choice. Voters can vote “Yes” for Article 5.

A “Yes” vote on Article 5 would encourage the Planning Board to support a further amendment to the LUO to eliminate any possibility of Article 5 being misinterpreted through silly arguments.

I urge Bar Harbor voters to assert local control and vote yes for Articles 4 and 5. Each assures that the voters have the ultimate say over our town’s future.

Arthur Greif

Bar Harbor

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