Letter to Editor: No deal

To the Editor:

In his letter on the Green New Deal in the Feb. 28 edition of the Islander, Mr. Kuntz of Lancaster, Pa. is screaming “Fire” in a packed theater.

He repeats the myth that “We have only until 2030 to reach zero greenhouse gas emissions or we’ll face runaway global warming costing $550 to $600 trillion, causing global economic collapse followed by ‘societal collapse.’”

Now, Mr. Kuntz quotes that line from a 2018 IPCC U.S. Climate Assessment. But really, there is no data showing that increases in CO2 emissions are having a negative effect on climate change and global warming. The amount of warming attributable to CO2 amounts to about half a degree Centigrade a century, and actually we need more CO2 in the atmosphere to maintain and enhance the greening effect of the earth.

History shows that 150 parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere is the minimum atmospheric CO2 requirements to sustain plant growth. With 7 billion people on the earth we need more CO2, not less.

“The sensitivity of temperatures to increased CO2 levels is low, and not a threat to mankind.” This is summarized in a February 2019 document by Donn Dears, “We Have Nothing to Fear from CO2” (The Week That Was, March 2, 2019) that is a supplement to his 2018 book “Nothing to Fear.”

The reference to the 2018 IPCC U.S. Climate Assessment is a poor choice. There is little hard evidence supporting this report, “and much of what passes as evidence is speculation using long-term predictions/projections from climate models that fail to accurately describe what is occurring in the atmosphere, where the greenhouse gas effect occurs.” (TWTW, March 9, 2019)

“The proponents of the Green New Deal [GND] do not understand the difference between natural climate change and human-caused climate change … These models greatly overestimate atmospheric temperature trends … The Green New Deal ignores the simple fact that wind and solar do not, and cannot, produce consistent, reliable electricity. Thus, these are a completely inadequate replacement for electricity generated by fossil fuels, nuclear, and hydro” (TWTW Feb. 16, 2019).

It’s interesting to note that in Pennsylvania they are producing so much natural gas from the Marcellus Shale Formation that they are exporting natural gas via pipeline and converting it to Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) which is being shipped to Asia and Europe.

According to Robert Bryce in a Feb. 15 article in The Wall Street Journal, “In 2006, before the shale revolution, Pennsylvania produced 175,950 mcf of natural gas, in 2017 it produced 5,463,888 mcf, an increase of 3100 perfecnt.

“By 2015, some 106,000 people were directly employed by Pennsylvania’s oil and gas industry, making it a bigger employer than the state’s famous steel sector: This year Pennsylvania’s state government is expected to take in some $247 million in gas-related fees.”

Green New Deal? Don‘t think so.

Tom Rolfes


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