Letter to Editor: Master craftsmen

I would like to acknowledge two very talented craftsmen right here on MDI: Alexander Phillips, a clockmaker in Bar Harbor, and Rick Bradbury, a cabinetmaker in Town Hill.

In September, I had a vision of a clock I wanted made. Alex recommended Rick to make the clock case. And so the project began.

I cannot think of any form of praise or gratitude to these two gentlemen. They are truly masters of their craft. Alex and Rick collaborated for many hours working out the measurements and technical details for the case and working parts of the clock.

My beautiful grandmother clock was created because of their skills in their craft, and my vision. What a joy it was working together with Alex and Rick. All three of us made my vision come true.

Thank you gentlemen for allowing me the pleasure of creating this wonderful clock. My family will enjoy this clock for many generations to come.

Donna Chalifour

Mount Desert

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