Letter to Editor: Main St. frustration

To the Editor:

I think I’ll run for Selectman for the Town of Mount Desert.

Like the current members of the board, I have a million better things to do than spend countless hours conducting the business of the town to ensure its ongoing fiscal and civic health. If elected, I’m sure to sit through loads of meetings, poring over budgets and proposals with almost no compensation, all the while noting that scant few members of the citizenry bother to attend or add their thoughts and perspectives.

I just wish I’d run sooner. If I was a selectman right now, I’d be heartened to observe that we at least achieved a quorum at the Annual Town Meeting in May to vote in an article that is the culmination of years of work to bring about long overdue infrastructure and cosmetic improvements to the village of Northeast Harbor.

But what would distinguish me from the other distinguished members of the current board? Let’s see. When, at a “special” town meeting, I saw my long efforts thwarted, when I saw my integrity called into question, when I was met with antipathy and suspicion by certain residents, I would not sit quietly and just accept the hostility.

Maybe I wouldn’t allow self control to get the best of me as it did the current board members. Would I have the gumption to say this?

“OK. Forget the legal Town Meeting in May. Forget the will of the citizens who bothered to actually show up and vote. Forget the fact that the lack of attendance or interest at countless but amply publicized proposals and reviews can, hmmm, oddly morph into a ‘lack of transparency.’

“I admit it! As a selectman, my motives were mendacious and sinister. I’m sorry. I’ll resign. I’ll leave the business of this crumbling, ossified village to you. To heck with improvement and progress. You know better. Northeast Harbor is good enough the way it is and it always will be.”

But I’d make darn sure the original article that was voted on and ratified in May went through as written before I stepped down.

Owen Craighead

Mount Desert

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