Letter to Editor: Lousy messages

To the Editor:

The quality of Acadia Community Theater’s production of “Freaky Friday” is a testament to their dedication, effort and commitment to theater and is to be commended.

The play features a number of positive messages about the value of love, honesty, relationships and the power of believing in our dreams. There are also several cute, heartwarming and funny moments that are delightful.

Unfortunately, the play also contains a large number of negative and hurtful messages about women, food and aging.

These messages include: it is important for women to be skinny and they should feel bad about themselves if they are not; young girls must do humiliating and risky things to be attractive to boys; most foods are toxic, addictive and fattening; adults are stupid, ugly and untrustworthy, especially the older they are; and girls peak in attractiveness in adolescence and it is all downhill from there.

I love that our community invests in our children and ACT productions are a model of that.

I know no show is perfect, but we can do better in picking shows, editing them and being aware of their impact on our kids.

Joshua Ehrlich

Bar Harbor

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