Letter to Editor: In support of bag ban

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of the Single-Use Carryout Bag Ordinance and the Polystyrene Ordinance as amended as discussed at a recent meeting of the Bar Harbor Town Council.

I will be at the public hearing on Jan. 15 to support them. I hope that they will be put to the voters in June.

By now everyone has seen the devastation done to any number of inhabitants by plastic bags. As a community surrounded by “protected” natural space and perpetually trying our best to balance sharing it and making it better for ourselves and others, I feel we need to support these ordinances.

I became aware of the work done by the young people at Pemetic last summer as they were working with adults developing ordinances for Southwest Harbor and Mount Desert.

As a result, I wrote to the larger campgrounds on MDI and to the Maine Campground Association letting them know that restrictions on single-use bags were coming and advocating for them to be proactive in communicating to potential visitors that they should “Bring Your Own Bags.” I also wrote to L.L. Bean suggesting this would be a marketing opportunity.

I hope there is a large turnout at the Jan. 15th meeting and that we get the ordinance on the June ballot.

Doug Bird

Bar Harbor

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