Letter to Editor: In good hands

To the Editor:

What started as a regular day wasn’t to be later that evening. After my weekly visit to Pat’s Pizza I got home and I couldn’t breathe so I called 911.

An ambulance crew came and got me to the ER. They get very concerned when your saturation level goes down to 88 percent. I was at 66 percent. You couldn’t get a better ambulance crew. They were the best.

The ER staff is top-notch. After they stabilized me they sent me via LifeFlight to EMMC. I had A-fib. I was in good hands.

After 10 days there I returned to my beloved MDI Hospital for rehab until I was ready to go home. That was another 10 days. They have the best staff ever. I will never forget the level of care that I got from each and every one who took care of me. When I got home I had to go through more rehab. Island nursing, PT and OT are the best. I’m doing well. I also wish to thank my church for their care and concern. Bravo and all the best. I love MDI.

Geoffrey C. Schuller

Bar Harbor

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