Letter to Editor: In defense of dogs

To the Editor:

The article in last week’s Islander about dogs at Little Long Pond is the second anti-dog article about The Land and Garden Preserve I have read.

My husband and I walk our dog once or twice a day at Little Long Pond. We have never encountered aggressive dogs or unwanted attention by other dogs.

I feel that the negative dog comments come from people who did not expect to see dogs off-lead or playing together in the field. Sometimes negative dog behavior comes from people approaching dogs without checking or listening to the owners.

The fact that Google is giving Little Long Pond a positive report can only add to more tourists who travel with pets to consider Acadia as a destination. This can only mean more revenue for the island and for the shops and lodgings.

The Rockefellers had a long-standing policy of Little Long Pond being a dog-friendly off-leash area. One would hope the preserve would not negate the family’s long-standing wishes.

Little Long Pond is a daily joy of many area dog owners and guests.

Bernice Entin Cahill

Bar Harbor


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