Letter to Editor: Impeachment and politics

To the Editor:

I have listened to all the impeachment related hearings. I have not heard and cannot imagine a constitutional case for voting no on impeachment. But the Founders also made removing a president — even one who has to committed high crimes and misdemeanors — a political process. How did we get to such a presidency and the need for impeachment? And where are we going?

In 2016, although I supported Bernie Sanders, I volunteered with Hancock County Democrats for Hillary Clinton. Even among Democratic-leaning voters, few were enthusiastic about voting for her. Many felt Clinton wouldn’t need their votes anyway — an impression reinforced by her arrogant campaign and by media spin — and refused to compromise their beliefs by voting for her. This, combined with Republicans’ willingness to hold their noses to vote for Donald Trump, gave him the White House.

In 2018 I volunteered for Jared Golden, a good candidate running an excellent campaign. Thanks to Golden’s hard-won victory, Maine has contributed to bringing moderation to the House and balance to Congress. Golden has given our district a reasonable voice and our nation the chance to follow the Founders’ explicit intent and constitutional road map for reigning in an executive run amok.

In the lead-up to 2020, I see formerly traditional Republicans, who were unhappy but strategic and disciplined in voting for Trump, now morphed into full on MAGA hat Trump supporters — their passion eerily goes beyond gratitude for pushing through the GOP agenda to a cult of personality and assertions of divine appointment.

I also see those in the left wing opposition once again tragically prioritizing purity tests and declaring whom they absolutely won’t vote for come what may — although by now we surely know what unmitigated wreckage comes of that.

Annlinn Kruger

Bar Harbor

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