Letter to Editor: Helmets save lives

To the Editor:

Friday Sept. 21 was a beautiful early autumn morning here on MDI. A young man decided it was a perfect day to ride his motorcycle the three miles from his home in Town Hill to his workplace on Norway Drive.

Halfway through this short trip a large buck jumped in his path causing him to hit the brakes, tip the bike and slide along the pavement for a great distance.

Then we got the call that no parent wants to receive: “There has been an accident…”

The cyclist was our son and the next words from his girlfriend were, “He was wearing his helmet, he’s OK but really banged up.”

The eyewitness to the accident says he skidded along the pavement on his side for at least 50 feet, his head and shoulders bearing the brunt of that contact. After looking at the condition of the helmet and the skid marks on the road there is no doubt in our minds that if he had not been wearing the helmet, his outcome would have been drastically different.

Please spread this word, helmets do save lives! Whether you ride a bicycle, scooter or motorcycle and no matter how short or trivial your trip might seem, wear a helmet.

We also want to give a shout out to our wonderful community for showing their support to Peter and Hannah during this time. We are especially grateful to Rose Avenia, the Good Samaritan who was first at the scene and sat with Peter until Hannah got there and the police and other first responders who arrived quickly and assisted with great care.

Ann and Russ Worrick

Bar Harbor

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