Letter to Editor: Golden true to his word

To the Editor:

On Oct. 30, our Congressional Representative Jared Golden released a statement regarding his upcoming yes vote to proceed with the public phase of the House impeachment inquiry. In that statement he said that he would “refuse to prejudge the outcome” and would “remain committed to the work the people of my state sent me to Congress to do.”

Since that time, Rep. Golden has remained true to his word. He’s not said anything about the possible impeachment of the President.

But he has been working to represent the needs of our state and district including introducing the bipartisan FISH SAFE Act, joining a group working to increase access to healthcare in rural areas, calling on the Small Business Administration to focus resources and programs in rural areas, opposing USMCA (the NAFTA update) until updates are made that will protect Maine workers, continuing work to lower prescription drug prices and more.

All that in addition to talking to everyday Mainers on visits and town hall meetings across the state.

Unfortunately, right-wing, big money groups, including the Club for Growth, have spent the last few weeks sponsoring a barrage of television and online ads accusing Rep. Golden (and other freshmen Democratic representatives) of doing just the opposite — concentrating on impeachment, rather than the needs of Mainers.

It’s obvious, at least in the case of Rep. Golden, these ads are lies, designed to mislead Maine people about the work of their elected representative.

While I certainly do not agree with every action Rep. Golden has taken since being elected, I respect the work that he has been doing. I trust that he will continue to work on legislation and other projects that will benefit the people of our state. I also trust that, if articles of impeachment are brought to a vote, he will take seriously the oversight responsibilities laid out for him in the Constitution, examine the evidence that has been brought forth and cast a vote to protect our country from corruption and rising authoritarianism.

Gail Leiser

Bar Harbor

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