Letter to Editor: Gift of life

To the Editor:

I am responding a letter published in the March 15 edition of the Islander by Kingsley Witten. It was an open letter supporting abortion providers and International Women’s Day.

I’m so glad Kingsley was raised in a loving home, with two parents. I, too, was raised in a beautiful, loving home with a mother and father who supported life at all costs. My parents were riddled with miscarriages, loss after loss, losing hope that they may be able to bring a child into their home naturally. I am the oldest of 10 children; three living children and seven who were lost to miscarriage.

It sounds like he is the oldest of four children, two who are living and two who are deceased. For these losses, I am incredibly sorry.

Kingsley and I have something in common. He lost siblings before he was conceived. I did, too.

I will not write this letter condemning his parents, who sound like loving people who only wanted to raise him in the most pure way possible. It sounds like his parents were both in situations that were pretty stressful. For that, I am sorry, too.

It also makes me wonder why he believes he would not be here, had it not been for the loss of his siblings. He was a choice that was kept. I guess his parents chose to keep him and not the others. For that, I am sorry.

To women who read this letter, please know that abortion is never a choice, just an end. An end to loving the most pure form of possibility there is: another human life.

Situations will change (finances, careers, schooling, relationships) but that human life will never be repeated. Another commonality Kingsley and I have in union: he knows his life is gained to two other’s losses.

The purest form of being a woman is to love another at all costs beyond oneself. The greatest gift one woman can give to our hurting world is not at the hands of an abortion provider but at the hands of her own, caressing the innocent soul brought into this world, only open to receiving love in the most purest form possible.

I beg each of you individually, if you cannot keep this love in your womb, give this love to a family who can. Give the possibility that Kingsley was allowed, the gift of life.

Mary Pinheiro


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