Letter to Editor: False impression

To the Editor:

I recently received my monthly AARP magazine that included a lengthy article about the health of Social Security. As is always the case with AARP, and our politicians, they make reference to the “trust fund” being able to carry the extra load of baby boomer retirements until 2034 without any changes.

Of course that gives voters the false impression we have time and money in the bank to fix it. I also believe the Medicare “trust fund” runs out much sooner, and that is an even bigger problem.

These imaginary trust funds are made larger by adding in imaginary interest. As I write this, Social Security is paying out more than it is taking in and will continue to do so at a sharply increasing rate. So we are basically cashing in IOUs with absolutely no collateral value and sending out real money to recipients.

Why not explain where these real dollars are going to come from instead of this BS about trust funds. Millennials and Generation Xers are outstanding at science and math, so why the ho-hum reaction to this mess being handed to them? Come on kids, wake up.

Richard Ginn


and Florida

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