Letter to Editor: Encroaching oligarchy

To the Editor:

For far too long Americans have conflated democracy and capitalism. Abetted by so-called “corporate personhood” that conflation has only worsened in the past two or three decades and it is now ever more clear that capitalism has won and that American democracy is in retreat.

Capitalism — at least as currently practiced in the United States — does not care what form of government any nation possesses so long as that government allows major corporations and the ultra-wealthy to make as much money as possible.

The transition to corporate governance has only accelerated in the current administration. The appointees to nearly all cabinet and high level agency positions in government have generally been individuals with conflicting former roles at major corporations.

From Steve Mnuchin on down, they appear to be doing nearly everything within their substantial power to further tilt our political systems to most benefit corporate America and its political cronies within the Congress, many of whom have been elected with the financial assistance of Political Action Committees heavily and anonymously financed by corporations.

Unfortunately, what might be best for Amazon, Facebook, Google or GM is likely not what is best for the vast majority of Americans, or for the country and for its political system.

Those of us who are living may well be witnessing the end of American democracy as it has been known. Can everyone spell “Oligarchy.”

Lewis Redding

Bar Harbor

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