Letter to Editor: E-bike order a bad idea

To the Editor:

Recently, my daughter and I and my 22-month-old granddaughter were enjoying a walk around Witch Hole Pond on a popular carriage road in Acadia National Park used by hikers and bikers alike.

Less than a mile along our way, we found a dead little ring-neck snake run over by a bicycle. A short distance later, we found a dead red squirrel, also casualty of a bike strike, in the middle of the road.

Most bikers are careful and watch for hikers, walkers and other critters. Some are not, using the serene roads of the park for speed trials.

My electric bike is capable of speeds over thirty miles an hour. Walking along a trail becomes a different, and possibly unsafe, experience if you are dodging fast moving traffic. I strongly oppose the ill-considered order from the Trump administration to allow e-bikes on the carriage roads.

Patricia Ryan

Mount Desert

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